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Ben Chandler

Less than Three (aka <3) is a short Adventure Game Studio title from Ben Chandler; at the inception, a D&D-like party of adventures have just opened the treasure house of Emperor Kemal, and shortly find themselves trapped in it.

There's one long-ish and not particularly difficult puzzle (walkthrough linked above should you become stuck), but what's interesting isn't the gameplay per se, but the writing. The "examine" and "use" texts (LMB and RMB) provide a sense of a living world, and the by-play among the characters provides a story that's actually interesting, a rarity in games of any sort. A nice, short adventure gaming fix for those who like such.


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party of adventurers

Ben Chandler

I am behind on his games by a little bit and need to catch up. Everything that I've played by him has been pretty awesome so far.