About Game Suggestions

We invite people to suggest games we should review. And we make these suggestions public, so anyone can view them (and logged-in users can comment and rate).

What Sorts of Games Should You Suggest?

We don't generally review:

  1. Console games.
  2. Commercial releases from major publishers (games developed for smaller publishers by third-party developers are okay).
  3. Mobile games.
  4. "Casual" games, except when they're particularly innovative, or have cross-over appeal to core gamers.

We do often review:

  1. Free, web-playable games (Flash, Shockwave, Java, Silverlight, whatever).
  2. Free, downloadable games.
  3. Shareware games (ones that are unlockable on purchase into the full game).
  4. Downloadable games with a free demo, but with the full game a separate download available after purchase.
  5. Subscription-based games, playable in the browser or with a downloadable client, so long as there's some sort of free play option.
  6. Tabletop games--RPGs, boardgames, card games, whatever--whether available for free as an online download, or for purchase in stores, so long as there's some website we can point users to for further information.
  7. Alternative reality games (ARGs), Big Urban games, and similar gaming weirdness--ideally with something we can point to online, even if most actual gameplay is offline.
  8. Books, movies, music, and other non-game media that has something to do with games in some fashion.

We are willing to review games that are "not safe for work", or have content that some may find objectionable, and it's okay for you to suggest such a game--but please be circumspect in the text you write (or any image you may upload).

You Need to Be Logged On to Create a Game Suggestion

We're sorry about that--but letting anonymous users add content to the site risks having spam bots put up links to pr0n and such. Registration is easy and quick. If you really don't want to register, feel free to use our contact form to email us about a game instead.


"Suggested" means someone has suggested the game, but none of our writers have picked up on it yet. "In Progress" means someone's working on a review (or it's actually ready to go, but we haven't published it yet). "Won't do" means that we've decided not to review the game--sometimes we edit the suggestion to say why not, and sometimes we don't bother. "Published" means we've put up a review of the game.

Ratings and Comments

Please -do- rate and comment on suggestions, if you agree with the suggester that we should do something about a game (or think we shouldn't). Again, you need to be logged in to do so.

Do You Want to Review a Game?

If there's a game you'd love to write up, and it's still "Suggested," contact us, and say so. It would help if you could point to some other stuff you've written online--just so we can see that you're capable of stringing words together in coherent sentences with a reasonable minimum of wince-worthy grammatical or spelling errors. (Or you could write up a review and send it to us, and we'll judge on its merits.)

If there's a game you'd love to write up and it hasn't been suggested--write it up! Enter it as a suggestion, and include a note saying something like "here's -my- review, is that okay for you?"

If You're Already In Our System as an Editor or Writer

Cool--if you see a suggestion, and you want dibs on writing up that game, click through to its page, Edit it, and change "Assigned to" to your userID.