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System Requirements:
HTML5 Capable Browser
Pietro Polsinelli and Team
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Adslife is a ad-agency management sim browser game, written in HTML5. You run a one-person, fictional ad agency in the 1970s but you get to make ads for real companies. You scour the Internet and input urls into an in-game web browser looking for clients. What size of a company you can take as a client depends on your reputation. You have to work your way up from small organizations to bigger ones.

The game has crude in-game desktop-publishing software and you take clip art from the web to create a your on ads. When you submit an ad, another player competes for the contract and a third player judges who wins the contract. When you win the contract it gets published in the game's newspaper.

Adslife does a great job blurring the line between reality and game. It is fun to create ads for organizations that you know. The virtual office has a great 70s charm and the authentic music give great atmosphere. I really enjoy the music. Adslife is a well polished gem. My agency, Whale Done, created ads for Spelunky and Indiecade. I won both contracts and the ads are now in my archives.

What I'd wish for are some basic tips on copywriting and layout design. Adslife gives you tools but does not give any tips on using them.​​​​


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No satire or critique at

No satire or critique at all? As leasure activity, the absolute promotion of product? Blimey. I mean, like if it were reviews, reviews can often be biased towards something but still express a few points of concern. But advertising...just skips the latter entirely.