Another World

What Country, Friend, Is This?

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System Requirements:
Windows XP
Eric Chahi

If ever a game deserved a second chance, it's Eric Chahi’s Another World. Something of an homage to Jordan Mechner’s original Prince of Persia, at least in terms of similar gameplay and rotoscoped graphics, Another World offers both that game's precise platforming as well as an inviting science fiction landscape. Since its release in 1991 it has survived largely on its reputation as an old favorite of countless designers--but few gamers have heard of this classic Amiga title, and fewer still have played it, largely because of its limited distribution.

Several years ago, Chahi released it as an online download, providing access to a far larger audience.. Playable for anywhere from an hour to a month in Windows XP, its repetitive yet inventive challenges make for an ideal diversion. At once substantial enough to outweigh time killers like Freecell and Minesweeper but not obsessive enough to consume your life in the fashion of World of Warcraft, it has the feel of genuine epic scope despite its dated graphics.

In the end, what matters most in Another World is the feeling of isolation and companionship, fostered by your connection to a fugitive alien who helps you in tight spots. Your companion provides a sense of the dangers of the landscape you play through, and a humane (if not human) face to the game. Another World offers not only enemies, but a friend.


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After looking at the screenshot, I thought this game might be a ripoff of Flashback. However, the Wikipedia for flashback set me straight.

Flashback is often mistaken for a sequel to Another World, an unrelated Delphine game written by Eric Chahi.

Out of This World

I remember this game being released as "Out of This World" on the SNES.

Also, the download link didn't work...Here's a link I found (of course it might be in French, but I read French so I don't care ;) ):

Heart of the Alien intro..

The sequel to Another world is Heart of the Alien. I think it was only available on Sega CD. (and was ecstatic to find a copy a few years ago)

The intro of HoTA is a full replay of Another World, but from the alien friend's point of view! Really nice to watch.

By the way.. I wouldn't call it an homage to Prince of Persia.. Both games were almost developed at the same time.

Kicking aliens in the balls.

Deliberately blowing a dam and running from the tidal wave. Crashing through a stained glass window into a room full of naked alien woman. Releasing a bunch of lion things onto some guards and running through the chaos. Crawling towards a pistol while a big alien sonofabitch walks over to finish you off. Kicking said alien in the balls and running like hell. Commandeering an alien tank and franticly stabbing at the controls because you have no idea what they do because it's a FREAKING ALIEN TANK! There are so many grinning-your-face-off 'I am Indiana-fucking-Jones!' moments.

So I don't like it when Another World is compared to Flashback or Prince Of Persia, because these are first and foremost platform games. AW is an action adventure. It was the first game I played where you felt you are the hero of an epic movie, moving from one set-piece to another, not mechanically jumping around from one abstract 'level' to the next. It was 'cinematic' before that word became an overused cliche. It just happened to have the odd platform and some jumping,but this should not be thought of as it's key gameplay focus.

(Another/Out Of This) World

The game is beautiful, but a bit too binary for my liking. However, for what it's worth, Action Button Dot Net called it The Best Videogame of All-Time. Caution: like most Tim Rogers stuff the review is verbose and meanders around a lot -- but that's the way I like it.

Different level design in the ports

Though I am not familiar with the SNES version, I did complete the Amiga version and played the PC version as well. Some of the locations had strikingly different level design between the two versions, and I must say the PC version was inferior.
I suppose the new HD version on PC still has the same level design from the ancient PC version, and that is toooooooooooo bad...

Actually, from what I gather

Actually, from what I gather from the Hardcore Gaming 101 article (and they have yet to steer me wrong) the HD version is a "director's cut" of sorts that retains Chahi's original vision.

Chahi was indie as hell, read the HCG101 article for proof: