Attack of the Creeps

Tense, Minimalist Tower Defense

System Requirements:
Win XP or Vista/ 1GHz CPU/ 256MB RAM
Galago Games

The "tower defense" genre arguably began with some scenarios in Warcraft, but has since become the first truly new genre we can point to as emerging from the indie games scene. Pioneered in Master of Defense, and widely available in free flash form in games like Desktop Tower Defense, a number of good commercial versions have appeared as well.

Games of this style seem to fall into two categories; ones, like Master of Defense, in which levels have different geographies and the main strategy is figuring out optimal placement for your towers; and ones like Desktop Tower Defense where the geography is open, and the main strategy is in building towers to channel the attackers (called "creeps") along a circuitous path, giving you plenty of opportunity to shoot at and kill them. Attack of the Creeps falls into the second category.

Given the number of decent free tower defense games, the question immediately arises whether a commercial version is needed; Attack of the Creeps shows why the answer is at least a qualified yes. Flash is good for what it is, but there's something to be said for a game that takes over your screen, has appealing sound, and provides smoother UI than you can get with Flash. Additionally, AoTC has more levels of tower upgrades, and a greater variety of towers (and variety means, ultimately, more complicated strategies for you to explore). Ten bucks seems a reasonable price to get a more polished and deeper game than the Flash versions, at least if you like this game style.


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No arguing about it; the

No arguing about it; the genre started with Warcraft 3 (and itself came out of general defense maps from Starcraft). And Master of Defense didn't pioneer anything. Just kinda irritates me to see that game get credit for being "original", when all they did was take the Warcraft out of general TD map concepts (and hell, it's not even as good as (free) maps like Element TD and the like). If people want to spend money on TD games, all they have to do is pick up Warcraft 3 and Frozen throne, and they can find a plethora of maps.

In what way?

Compared to Desktop Tower Defense 1.5, Attack of the Creeps has a smaller variety of towers. It clones the original Desktop TD tower and enemy types, sometimes with new names. The graphics are a different sort of cute, but instead of a variety of colored shapes we have the same red blob, distorted into a few shapes. There are few new maps, beyond the two it shares with Desktop TD. It pretty much is Desktop TD 1.2, with (less appealing) full screen graphics and different math on creeps vs. upgrades, and a $10 charge. Belay that -- there were more types of creeps in Desktop TD 1.2, and more than that in 1.5. And Desktop TD has hotkeys.

Maybe there is more to be found with delving past the demo time. I did not feel compelled to use it all. There are a dozen free tower defense games online, and Warcraft III is cheap these days, so it needs something special to make a mark.

Hello !! I´m starting

Hello !!

I´m starting playing this game and I want to know if someone can help me and give me some tutorial to know more and can play.

Thanks again


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