The Cherokee Indian

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Jr. Jellybeans

The Cherokee Indian is a platformer implemented in Game Maker (and hence somewhat slow loading) in which you play a young Cherokee man undergoing his trials of manhood, which apparently involve platforming. It's evident that quite a lot of work has gone into the game; objectives vary by level (and don't all involve "getting to the end"), and new weapons unlock over time. You start with a hatchet, but can also gain a hammer (for breaking rocks), a spear (useful for spear-fishing), and a bow. Each weapon has its own capabilities.

The developer says he was "inspired by Harvest Moon", though the connection isn't obvious; gameplay is utterly unlike that farm-sim. Indeed, at first I was somewhat taken aback by the gameplay, which involves killing animals, cutting down trees, and so on, that is, destruction and exploitation of the physical environment, which would seem counter to the Cherokee ethos. But then I realized that the trees grow back, and the animals respawn, so you are evidently harvesting resources in a sustainable way.

Serious platform players won't find much challenge here; though it's possible to lose lives, it's difficult to do so, and the physical challenges posed by the platforms themselves are slight. It's somewhat casual in approach, in other words; perseverance more than player skill completes each level.

There are also minigames available at the Cherokee village, and as part of several levels.

Pleasant enough, and suitable for the kids.