Puzzles of Light and Darkness

Tyler Glaiel
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2010 IGF Nominee for Audio, Technical Excellence, and the Nuovo Award

Closure is a stark, black-and-white and rather mysterious platform puzzler. On the first level, you walk away from a burning car -- but into an unexplained world of levels, with the typical exit at some location. Controls are typical -- arrow keys to move, up-arrow to jump, and down-arrow or space to pick up.

The gimmick is that while each level has a fixed layout, only illuminated areas exist. That is, if you pick up and carry one of the balls of light that exist on each level, you may find yourself walking along a continuous platform. But if you drop the ball and walk out into the darkness, the part of the platform you passed previously in the light no longer exists, and you fall through it.

This basic mechanic is used to build a wide variety of interesting puzzles; as one example, on an early level, you must get across an impenetrable wall. If you drop a ball of light in the right place, however, then only part of the wall is illuminated, as is a portion of the platform beyond it, where you can pick up another ball of light. Then, you just jump over the wall segment, because the part you can't see doesn't exist.

Sometimes there are sockets you can drop a light ball into to trigger some effect, and often levels require a key to exit, so you must figure out how to get to the key and then the exit. You will typically die at least once in a level, simply exploring to figure out what the structure is, but there's no permadeath; you simply restore to the level beginning.

The developer draws a connection between Closure and Portal and Braid; Closure is not by any means as polished and fully featured game. Yet there is a logic to the analogy; like those games, Closure takes one innovative mechanic, and rings the changes on what can be done with it; and like those games, it has a somewhat surreal feel. Very nice for a Flash game, in other words.


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reminds me a little of the Matter Splatter Mansion level of Mario Galaxy (

Wow, there's something

Wow, there's something creepy about the idea of applying your own ignorance(your ignorant of what's in the darkness) to actively further your position...