Deepak Fights Robots

Mild Mannered Programmer vs Robopimp

Tom Sennett

Deepak Fights Robots is a platformer inspired by Bubble Bobble. Deepak Fights Robots is definitely an indie videogame. The combination of childish crayon graphics and the modern Indian fusion music provided by Family Funktion sets Deepak Fights Robots apart from the mainstream.

Deepak, our protagonist, is a mild-mannered programmer who gets transported into a psychedelic, zany, crayon-colored digital realm with evil guardian robots. Your goal is to pass each level by jumping platforms and staying clear of the robots and their projectiles while acquiring three pellets. When you acquire three pellets, a power pellet will appear. The power pellet transforms you into super Deepak, and robots flee for their lives, as in Pac-Man. You work your way up beating small and gigantic robots until you face the boss, a fashionably dressed robopimp.

​​Deepak Fights Robots has numerous short levels; it starts slow, but the levels get more creative from the middle and ramp up into a crazy climax toward the end. The robots are varied and influenced by indie games such as VVVVVV and Braid. Since you have infinite lives, it is a matter of time before you finish the game, depending on how good your platform genre skills are.​

​​Deepak Fights Robots is a 2011 Indiecade finalist.