DevastationZone Troopers

Blow Things Up Real Good

Demo Download
System Requirements:
1GHz CPU/256MB RAM/64MB VRAM/DirectX 9c+
CGS Software

DevastationZone Troopers is not a deep game--but there is a lot to be said for picking one thing and doing it well. And DZT does precisely that: it's a Ramboesque third-person shooter (in nicely rendered 3D) where you run around, gun blazing, and blow things up real good. Cathartic fun, in other words.

Your Trooper starts with weaponry that's already pretty powerful, but over time, you upgrade his armaments with even more impressive stuff until he's a veritable tank-like killing machine. Which you need to be, as apparently in the future we rely on single supersoldiers rather than armies, and you will be blowing away massive hordes of enemy robots.

Strategy? Well, not much--just blaze away, perhaps some use of terrain to limit how many enemies you fight at a single time (and clever use of your ability to blow your way through walls with your weapons). But that's okay, DZT isn't intended to be a thinking man's strategic challenge--it's just supposed to be good clean explosive fun, and that it is.

There's another aspect, too; between missions, you pilot your "dropship" to the next mission point, avoiding mines, picking up credits, and trying to hit "jumpgates." A relatively simple space sim between the interstices of your combat missions in other words--not a bad little game in its own right, too.