Dodge That Anvil!

Cheerful Arcade Fun

System Requirements:
Win 98+ or OS X 10.2+/500MHz CPU/ 64MB RAM

A 2006 Independent Game Festival finalist and winner of the Adultswim award (sponsored by Cartoon Network), Dodge That Anvil! is a game in which you play a bucktoothed bunny trying to harvest carrots and other veggies as anvils drop from the sky. Why? Well, um.... Does it matter? This is cartoon logic here.

Each level, you must harvest a quota of carrots (extra points for more); radishes give you points you can spend on equipment, like hard-hats that save you from one anvil-strike, and veggie magnets that let you collect plucked vegetables by moving near them instead of through them. Just about every level adds some new type of obstacle, powerup, or other feature--in other words, enough variety to retain your interest as the game progresses.

Jake Grandchamp, the game's developer, polished the gameplay for almost 9 months after its IGF appearance, and the result is a nicely balanced game with surprising depth, a happy-go-lucky feel, and controls that are simplicity itself: arrow keys and the space bar do everything. (There's also a mouse interface and joystick support, if that's what you prefer.) If this sounds like fun, give it a shot.