It's Because of Quantum

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Patrick Dugan

Fraid is a quick parodic riff on Jonathan Blow's brilliant Braid. It features completely impenetrable "puzzles" that you essentially "solve" by doing random things until something happens, along with vaporous story text with the illusory feeling of literary depth but that ultimately means nothing.

It's short -- five, ten minutes at most -- and far from deep, but a cute little goof from our own Patrick Dugan.


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I don't really feel

I don't really feel motivated to comment on whether or not the Prince is a metaphor for the construction of the Large Hadron Collider.

Needs a killer soundtrack..

Like random oboe sounds. Or maybe a compressed air can shooting in an harmonica..

With music? Game of the year, I tell you.

Send me one

Send me one ( and I´ll make another build. This is an open call.

But really, this game ain´t got no point.

No other game has helped me

No other game has helped me understand women this much since Final Fantasy VIII.
Still, I want my money back!