Games for Christmas

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As always, everybody gets games for Christmas, both digital and non-digital. In years past, the digital have tended more to commercial release, but I decided to go indie this year.

Karen (my sweetie) wanted her own copies of both Puerto Rico and Minecraft.

Betsy, at Drew and a serious linguist, got Jaipur; she will doubtless read the German version of the rules. I got it for her mainly because she does not currently have a games group, and it's a two-player game, so she can play it with her b/f. And, on the digital side, The Blackwell Deception; Grim Fandango and the Monkey Island games are among her favorites, and she has enjoyed previous games in the Blackwell series.

Vicky, who is at Oberlin and living in the Sci Fi dorm there, got Small World, an excellent game to play with her dorm mates, as well as the Humble Indie Bundle 4

Simona, who is 8, got Matt Leacock's Forbidden Island; perhaps a little advanced for her, but as the kid of game designers, she'll probably take to it. And, on the digital side, Costume Quest (the PSN downloadable version). Coincidentally, Vicky gave Simona Psychonauts -- like Costume Quest, a Tim Schafer game.