Bennett Foddy

In GIRP, you are trying to climb a sea cliff as the tide rises below you. Lose your grip or let the sea catch up, and you die.

Scattered above you are rings you can hold onto, each bearing a single character; you reach for a ring by pressing the corresponding key, but you much hold it down or you release it. You yourself are subject to ragdoll physics, so when you release one, you swing about, which may help you grab for another ring, or may result in dangling helplessly. In addition, you have to press and hold Control, Shift or LMB to pull yourself up.

The result is that you're staring at the screen, fingers pressed painfully hard into the keyboard lest you make a mistake, and realize that the next key you need to get to is going to require you to perform yoga with your hands. This, coupled with the unpredictability and awkwardness of ragdoll physics makes GIRP kind of hilarious to play.

GIRP is a 2012 IGF Finalist in the Nuovo category.


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this is great

The hit detection can be opaque, though. I can't always tell why I'm getting a ring sometimes and not others.

Something I learned from watching a video: It's a good idea to swing from one ring instead of always holding on to two. I also learned that the game is winnable. I'm not sure if it's winnable from any position, though; sometimes I suspect that I've hit a dead end.

I also wish there was a

I also wish there was a button you could press to punch the seagull. Not just to get it out of the way, either.

it could kind of use procedural level generation, though

The game design wouldn't work great with checkpoints, but it discourages replay that every time I lose I need to replay the exact same beginning stages, especially since there's a bit of a learn-by-dying element (in that I find that it's really hard to climb from certain positions).

The swinginess of the character helps with this some, though, since even though I'm climbing the same layout I'm not doing it the same way.

Of course this is all the crying more of a noob (I can't get above 25m and the whole thing seems to be 70m or so). Play this game, you guys!

58.0 m

and the kid woke up.

winner: you

Inside the box: a chick tract.


(Yes, I know I left five comments in a row on this game, but that's because none of you other guys said anything. Time to come correct, people!)

I wanted to say how much

I wanted to say how much I've enjoyed this game since your posting it here.

I appreciated that there was a clear linear progression in my own level of skill; first several times having no idea how to swing, not breaking 5 meters, and eventually reaching ~60.

Also was unexpectedly handy when I had kids around; my 3 year old cousin got practice with the alphabet by telling me which letters to grab hold of next, while my 10 year old cousin was forced to learn key-placement (improving her typing skill) when it was her turn to play.