High Score 3

Russel DeMaria, a long-time writer and editor in the games industry, currently has a Kickstart project looking for funding to help him write the third edition of High Score!.

If you're not familiar with the book, it's one of the best histories of videogames, written by Russel and Johnny Wilson; my only complaint about it is that it's sort of the happy, "everything is good" history of the videogame industry, and we definitely need a sort of "Hollywood Babylon"-equivalent to document the other side of the equation. (And both Russel and Johnny doubtless know where the bodies are buried, and could write such a thing if they wanted to.)

If you're willing to put up $250 (a lot, to be sure), Russel is offering you the opportunity to have lunch with anyone of a veritable galaxy of industry luminaries, including Trip Hawkins, Will Wright, Lorne Lanning, and John Romero.

His promo video is kind of amazing, and worth watching just for the sense of history: