Infectonator: World Dominator

The Zombie Conspiracy

Toge Productions

What is it about pandemics? We've had a rash of them recently, and here's another. In this one, though, the pandemic is the zombie apocalypse.

Most games with zombies are horror apocalypse; in this one, you are, by implication, a mad scientist unleashing the zombie apocalypse on the world. It's played in a series of stages, each one set in a "city"; you trigger a zombie infection, then watch as your zombies eat the brains of citizens, sweeping your pointer about to collect coins when they die. Then, you upgrade your zombie capabilities in the "Lab." At higher levels, the humans fight back with mercs, secret agents, Spiderman, Santa Claus and other such things who are harder to infect and who fight your zombies, possibly stopping the infection before you collect lots of coins. Luckily, you get bombs and such to blow them up as an upgrade.

Each stage lasts a very brief time, and there really isn't a lot of gameplay here, since you're basically just choosing where to trigger the infection and then watching it spread. But the graphics are retro pixel art and the music infectious chiptune techno, so it has a nice 80s videogame feel to it.

Not deep, but fun, and clever in bits.