The Surrealist Puzzle Game

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System Requirements:
Win 2000/XP +/512MB RAM/128MB VRAM/DirectX 9c+
Guido Raffinatore

Distinctive, Surrealistic, Serene (and at $7, a bargain)

Some games, like Myst, feel like art because of the nature of their audio and visuals. Kalimée is of this type. The visuals are simple, but nicely textured 3D, and inspired by the surrealist painting of Salvador Dali; the music is excellent and peaceful ambient techno.

Each of the 18 levels is a different 3D environment, and each poses a unique series of puzzles. Text introduces you to the level and gives hints on the solution--but particularly in the later and more complex puzzles, you may have to hunt around and experiment before you understand how to reach the solution. There are no "hunt the pixel" problems here, however; the game is playable entirely with the mouse (well, you need to hit 'm' to exit or save), and clickable objects are large enough to prevent obscurity.

Although it's a very different game, Kalimée evokes some of the same emotions as Cloud--that is, peacefulness and serenity. On the whole, a distinctive and impressive art game.

The game is playable in French and Italian as well as English.