The Last Sorceror

Fast, Robotron-esque Fantasy Shooter

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System Requirements:
Win 95+ or OS X 10.1+ or Linux/64MB RAM
Terrapod Games

The Last Sorceror combines frenetic Robotron-esque combat with frequent pauses after battles, and a series of RPG quests--making for a nice change of pace from both Diablo-esque click-fests and the turn-based combat of Final Fantasy-style RPGs. (By Robotron-esque, we mean that one set of keys controls movement in cardinal directions, while another controls the direction in which you shoot--so that movement and fire can occur at the same time in different directions.)

While combat is sufficiently fast-paced there there's little time for reflection, there is a strategic aspect to it as well; terrain has an impact, and your sorceror can learn more than 30 spells, each of which is useful in particular circumstances.

The graphics are quite old-school--2D sprites reminiscent of a PC game from the late 80s--but the game is engaging enough that after a time, you hardly notice.