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The Line Continues is a little game that looks like it might have come out of the demoscene. Little is the operative word; the screenshot is full size. To get the best experience, you're well advised to change your screen resolution to 640x480 before playing.

You are running along a yellow line that is gradually disappearing behind you, and if the disappearing end catches up with you, you die. Monsters come at you, which you can destroy by "yanking" on the line -- the monsters, like you, are extentions of the line into the second dimension.

Other attackers can be avoided by flipping under the line (down arrow key) or turning yourself into a balloon floating over the line (up arrow) -- but if you spend too long as a balloon, you pop. Some attackers kill you, but others simply cause you to lose time, unable to run for a few seconds while the end of the line gets nearer.

Meanwhile, some excellent bouncy techno-pop plays. A very simple structure, but quite unlike anything else I've seen, and really quite fun. I'd love to have this game on my cellphone -- it's the kind of short-play timewaster that would be great in that environment.


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About resolution

There's no need to change your screen resolution beforehand. the game will just launch in a nice-looking window.

Vib Ribbon

The music in the game is from Vib Ribbon, a quirky Japanse game for Playstation with (kinda) similar gameplay.

In the Readme.txt they state that the music is from "misterious places" (sic). It's a bit strange that they don't credit their music, when it's so obvious where it's from. (Some of the music in Vib Ribbon is original, and some of it is from a group called Laugh And Peace.)

Thanks for posting that info

Thanks for posting that info about the music. I was wondering. Too bad there doesn't seem to be anything else in English about the band.