My Lil' Bastard

Repulsive Pet Sim

This Is Pop

My Lil' Bastard is a satire of the genre of Tamagotchi-like pet sims. It's developed by This Is Pop, which specializes in polished games that are not original in terms of design, but approached from a nastily sarcastic viewpoint -- they also developed Bible Fight, Viva Caligula! and Dungeons & Dungeons.

At first, My Lil' Bastard seems like a typical pet sim -- clean up after your bastard, play with it, feed it -- except for the fact that the thing pees, poops, and vomits with annoying regularity. When it comes time to toilet training, however, you start to realize that the game is pretty sick -- evidently, the way you toilet train is by punishing your bastard with the water bottle each time he starts to poo in a bad place. It takes forever for it to get the idea. This is a fairly authoritarian approach to toilet training, needless to say.

Once beyond that, you have the pyromaniac, smoking, and drinking stages to look forward to. It really is a little bastard, and a times you get the feeling that you really could use the help of the county authorities and the criminal justice system to control the little beast. It's enough to put you off parenthood. But it's amusing, too, in a sick way.


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my little basterd

my little basterd sound like its going to be funny