Surreal Sweden, Raunchy Redneck, Crazy Cactus

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This is a game about a redneck. A game about swatting mosquitoes, chugging beers, and taking shits. This game is also about dreams. A bird flutters over a lake of fire, but if she flies too high she gets scalded by the sun. Norrland is a game about the mundane interspersed with the surreal, and ultimately concerns itself with a life not worth living. Norrland is my favorite Cactus game.


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Looks and sounds so good

Looks and sounds so good that it almost makes me want a peecee for running it... ;]

It's totally worth a Windows

It's totally worth a Windows partition on your Mac. =p

It's like Redneck Rampage

It's like Redneck Rampage meets Ulysses. There's even a masturbation scene in there.

Cactus makes stripped down

Cactus makes stripped down mini games that looks like 70's art house trash. They may provide amusing diversions for a few minutes. The "messages" are about as clever as something a 14-year-old boy would come up with to be "naughty".