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Some people really dig genre pieces, works that stick to convention and don't really deviate from the norm. You experience them because you enjoy the tropes of the genre and the familiarity of it all. This game is a standard hop-and-bop platformer, but if you have a platformer fetish like I do you'll most likely squeeze some enjoyment from it. Obake takes elements from Mario and Kirby and mixes them in a not-too-radical fashion, but does it with a decent amount of polish and a fair amount of charm.

You play as the titular Obake (Japanese for 'thing that changes') and take him through a six-world romp. The aesthetic is slightly off-kilter retro, and should appeal to fans of the 16-bit era. In your normal ghost-like form you can only move and jump, but if you press the down arrow you can possess an enemy. When you do so you gain their mobility and attack patterns, each of varying strength. The game takes Kirby's absorption motif a step further by also giving you that enemy's health. This coupled with generally low difficulty makes the game fairly easy, but it's fun to mess around with the various forms and explore the levels. The six worlds go a long way as well, so if you're into this sort of thing there's a lot of content to be played.

Nothing revolutionary, but a nice way to kill a couple hours.

And because I like you guys so much, here's an extra game at no additional charge: http://mogera.jp/gameplay?gid=gm0000000345
You play an albino deer,tripping on some psychedelic, that throws rocks at police. Enjoy.


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The name of the game

The game's full title should be "Obake no Koushinkyoku", or "March of Obake".

Koushinkyoku means "march", as in the music genre.

Albino ?

The URL to the bonus game is faulty.


My first impression was that this game is "Messiah" for kids.
Consider : Simpler control scheme, being a 2D platformer instead of a 3rd/1st person run/sneak-and-gun.
More forgiving health.
Trade a genuinely dark plot for cartoonishly dark enviroments.
In Obake you can't possess someone, throw them off a cliff, and spring from their backs at the last second, landing on the ledge and listening to the glorious sounds of your prey waking up wondering why (s)he's falling to their doom. Although the "Puff! They're gone!" system Obake uses has some very dark connotations of its own if you think about it...

Both games, however, center around the idea of needing to "possess" characters to complete your objectives - a take on light-puzzle solving that I have appreciated every time I've seen it.

Fixed Link

Fixed the link to the bonus game, my bad.

Does anyone know what key

Does anyone know what key you press to jump while possessing something?