Reddit "Ask me Anything"

Update: Was here, is over.

This Saturday, starting at about noon PST, I've agreed to do an "ask me anything" on Reddit. I'll post an URL here later when it starts.

You can -ask- me anything, although I don't promise to actually answer, say, questions about my sex life. Or, for that matter, to talk about any of the (unfortunately) myriad things that are covered by the many NDAs I've signed over the years. That still leaves a great deal, to be sure.

Also, to be clear, I totally do not speak for my employer, which in descending corporate hierarchy, are currently Disney, the Disney Interactive Media Group, and Playdom, Inc.

However, I'm happy to discuss:

....Roleplaying games, including my role in Paranoia, Toon, and the (original) Star Wars RPG.
....Boardgames, including The Creature that Ate Sheboygan and Pax Britannica.
....My role as an online and mobile game pioneer.
....My two failed startups (Unplugged Games and Manifesto Games)
....My reputation as the sort of angry middle aged man of the game industry (Scratchware Manifesto, Death to the Games Industry [Long Live Games], GDC Maverick Award, etc.)
....My independent game scholarship (I Have No Words and I Must Design, Games, Storytelling, and Breaking the String, etc.)
....How to cook gourmet meals for a family on a budget and in an hour or less.
....Why you should get on your fucking bike.
....How to tell the difference between a quality Oriental carpet and a cheap Belgian knock-off.
....And just about anything else that arises.

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The people want to know...

...when the Kickstarter for Bug Eyed Monsters 2012 will go live.

Dunno about that one, but

Dunno about that one, but The Creature that Ate Sheboygan as an indie (digital) game might not be out of the question.

Cooking Social Games

Here's one:

Why haven't you done a start-up around a social game about cooking healthy meals on a budget in under an hour, making your rev off commissions for pre-packaged grocery lists, possibly tying into delivery networks like Fresh Direct?

I'd want to acquire it, I can say that much.

Your writing career?

You don't even mention your writing career?

you call that a career?

Happy to talk about that, too. Of course, I haven't published any fiction in about 12 years. A fair bit of writing about games, of course, and a forthcoming book from MIT Press.

Sorry I missed it.

I'll read the Reddit. I had to wrangle my 16 month-old baby/toddler.