Rogue Survivor

The Zombie Apocalypse in a Rogue-Like

Free Download
System Requirements:
.NET Framework 3.5
Jacques Ruiz

Rogue Survivor is an entertaining Rogue-like set during the zombie apocalypse. Though it has grainy pixel-art tiles rather than ASCII art, the usual Rogue-like rules apply; num-pad to move in 8 directions, and most everything in the game is a single key-stroke command (though you do manage your inventory with the mouse, and can mouseover objects and characters on the map for information about them).

Unlike most Rogue-likes, the objective isn't to become the mightiest adventurer in the land and delve deep into the dungeons of peril; rather, it is to avoid having your brains eaten. There are no experience points; instead, each day you survive, you level up.

This gives you an additional point of skill, but your hit points and such increase rarely if at all; even at high levels, your best strategy is often to flee.

What you can do, however, is build impressive fortifications, find enough firepower to survive -- and recruit other survivors to be your lackeys. With a bit of work, you can survive in style -- at least until the food runs out. Because there are limited resources in the city, NPCs consume them as well as you, zombies keep spawning, and ultimately there is, of course, no hope.

But then, the same is true of Space Invaders, and the enjoyment is in surviving as long as possible, beating your high score, and unlocking the 8 accomplishments in the game.

Entertaining old-school fun, particularly if you have a thing about the zombie apocalypse. I should note that the game is in alpha, though, and while I've had no problems with crashes, others apparently have.