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Take the protagonist, with related verbs, of every major 80s hit, along with the enemies, the art assets, and the midi signature. Put them on separate, concentric roulettes, and spin. Spin every few seconds. Try to win.

You'll find yourself meta-gaming, you know that as the Defender jet, you can merc those rainbow cascade things pretty well, but in the process of getting over there, there is a good chance they'll turn into goombas, and you'll get hit. Or maybe you'll hesitate, as Link, to walk up that hallway, because you could become the Space Invaders turret, unable to move vertically, and get caught by pursuing Gauntlet ghosts. It's clever, because this is no mere mash, but a full blooded remix, where added depth emerges from the recombinations.


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WTF is rainbow

WTF is rainbow cascade?


I love games that focus on

I love games that focus on observe-understand-execute.

I think that the rainbow

I think that the rainbow cascade refers to the eponymous Qix.

A delightful morsel; many thanks for writing and releasing it, Farbs!

Hey Farbs, you're going to

Hey Farbs, you're going to <3 Kieron even more.

And I do! But my server

And I do!

But my server doesn't :(
Can you redirect the download link to
please? I'm drowning here!

<3 again.


As it says.


It reminds me a little of GUG, the Dig Dug-Mario-Pacman-Joust mashup by the Andy Weir. Just in content, though, not in gameplay -- GUG is basically a puzzle platformer where you have to take advantage of the different capabilities of multiple characters under your control, kind of like The Lost Vikings.

(Andy Weir, for what it's worth, is better known as the creator of the webcomics "Casey and Andy" and "Cheshire Crossing".)


Nuff said?... Nuff said.

But seriously, this game is addicting. There is an ungodly amount of combinations of levels, characters, enemies and the like. My most accurate description I told my friend about it was "I was Link hitting Asteroids in the Tetris level while Mario's Star music was playing." The music actually adds to the bizzare-ness of the game. After a while you tend to make some sense of it, but this game is the best in the "microgame" genre.

P.S. For bragging rights, my high score is 10400. Now's the time for four other people to post how they doubled that score on their first playthrough.

It's fluff, but it's

It's fluff, but it's engaging enough.