Atmospheric Platformer

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Semblante is a Global Game Jam entry from a team at the Catholic University of Paraná. As is typical with GGJ games, it's more of a prototype than a complete experience; just a single level.

What's notable about it is the atmospherics; darkness, an eerie soundscape, shadow enemies gliding in the depths. Periodically, there are overhead lights, and when you pass through the light, you glow for a time and can defeat enemies until the glow fades. Jumping atop them helps you not at all. Consequently, navigating the level is a combination of platforming and using the strategically placed lights to advantage.

Also, you can scream with the X key, but I don't believe this has a game effect.

Ostensibly, your character is named Jung, and you are exploring the recesses of your own mind.

You can see how a fuller treatment might be emotionally effective -- and certainly, the complexities of the human mind and its fears is a motif that lends itself to introducing additional gameplay elements over time.


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thanks costik!

As the creative director of Aduge Studio, I'm very honored to see Semblante being posted here (I'm a proud rss subscriber!). You can read more about the project (and us, on general) on our blog:

Bruno Bulhões
Creative Director - Aduge Studio

Hmm... About the scream...

It is crucial to getting the second ending.

Yes. There are two 'endings' that I have found.

I'm not going to tell you how I found it, though. Wouldn't be any fun that way. Let's just say that there is something about the creatures.