Sonoro TV

MacPaint Meets... Lemmings?

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System Requirements:
Windows 98+/ 500MHz CPU/ 128MB RAM
Devilish Games

SonoroTV is basically a puzzle platformer in which you have a small number of little critters (called "notes") which the evil DJ is trying to steal. You have to get them from the starting point of each level to its exit, losing as few as possible (or better, none) in the process. The characters move autonomously, so you don't control them directly. So far, familiar and probably dull, yes?

What's interesting about SonoroTV is the actual gameplay, which is highly original. The way you guide your critters to the exit is by painting. At the lower right-hand corner of the screens are your paint pots, and you have a limited amount of each color. The colors have different effects: orange allows you to paint platforms for your critters to walk along, red creates barriers they bounce off of, blue creates a bouncing platform that tosses them in the air. The DJ has a gun he can use to destroy orange platforms, but yellow platforms can't be shot.

In other words, each level is a Lemmings-like puzzle, in which you must use the limited paint supply provided with that level to solve it, and get your critters to safety.

Put it all together, and you get a novel and entertaining twist on the puzzle platformer, with a nice boppy techno score and cute graphics--and original, perhaps even unique, UI.


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For less colors, please see...

Another game with the same heritage is Scribble over at nitrome - the main differences: it only has one color to paint with, and it's web-based. Fun little take on the Lemmings metaphor though.

Hi Yes I´m playing


Yes I´m playing Scribble over at nitrome at it´s very very good. I´d like it a lot.
Another one you know ?

I've almost a month without

I've almost a month without writing anything on the blog, but is that really go to 100% of work. Little by little we are getting projects forward ... but at this moment we have on order 4 games in development. A platform, a motorcycle, an interactive chat (which I have already shown some designs here) and other sports. I hope that will soon be completing projects in a completely satisfactory for our customers and for us too.

In addition to projects on order in which we are working not forget our side "indie". The most immediately in this aspect will be to launch a version of "Sound TV" for Linux. Actually the sales of "Nuts & Scrap" for Linux have not been too good ... but if it benefited the game in terms of "image" and spread ... whether it eventually and if there are no problems version of "Sound TV" for Linux will be available soon.
Indeed, in recent weeks, several articles have appeared about the game, proved that while on the dates for the launch of an indie project are very important, quite a few months later it is still possible to generate some attention in the media.

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