Jamie's Revenge 2

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Jake Greer (Voltic)

Jamie returns with her cousin Pebz in a platformer inspired by the early Mario and Sonic games with 23 levels divided up amongst 7 worlds.

Here is it's trailer:

Jamie's Revenge 2 is the sequel to 2008's Jamie's Revenge. The original engine and has been revamped, having been created from scratch. I tried to consider all the constructive criticism and suggestions people had on improving the first game, so hopefully it shows.

It features:
-Two playable characters (with different difficulty levels)
-An original soundtrack by Johan Hargne
-Original, 16-bit style graphics
-Joypad Compatibility
-Animated Cutscenes
-Plenty of unlockables, secrets and replayability.

This game has been in development for a long time since I have barely had time to work on it due to graduating high school and university and getting a full time job during the course of its development.

You are graded at the end of each level depending on how long you take, how many steaks you collect and how many enemies you defeat. Penalties occur for dying.

I have tried to make it bug-free but I'm not perfect, so if you find anything unusual or just have suggestions for me, please let me know.