Knight Runner

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Bit Breakers Ltd

Knight Runner is an endless-run platformer that focuses on a one-button concept. You control a knight running across a battlefield to smite foe, collect gems, and occasionally face off a deadly encounter known as the Wraith. The user can use any button the keyboard (except the escape button for menu access) to allow the player to jump to avoid obstacles, gaps, and enemies (or destroy them).

As you progress, rapid point acquisition allows for bonuses to accumulate, multiplying your incoming points. This can lead to huge bonuses.

The game comes with an online scoreboard system separated into 4 catgetories: Order of the Paragon (Highest Points), Order of the Justiciar (Most Kills), Order of the Vanguard (Farthest Run), and Order of the Templar (Most Gems Collected).

The game also comes with 65 acquirable achievements, though a lot of them are not easy.

You can play the game free, and if the player registers with they can upload their high scores and save achievements. This allows access to the gamejolt database to be able to store such information.