Monsters Vs Pirates

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Dreamfire Games

Battle the pirates in Monsters vs. Pirates the ultimate in Tower Defense strategy. Create dazzling villages which double and a labyrinthine maze of buildings and walls to direct the hordes of pirates to the doom. Deploy seven powerful monsters each with different abilities and attacks to halt the pirates march!

Monsters Vs Pirates brings with it a new depth in the Tower Defense genre, using a powerful 3D engine to create a breath-taking world in which to do battle with the pirates.

· Build up a strategic island placing buildings and walls to combat waves of pirates.

· Deploy seven different types of monsters each with their own powers and personalities.

· Over 70 goals to complete

· Choose from dozens of different pirate gangs, each requiring unique strategies to combat.

· Play cooperatively with friends and help them in their quest for victory.

· Personalize your village with beautiful structures, plants, and decorations.

· Power-up your monsters with Juju, and cast devastating spells like Fireball and Meteor Shower.