Super Jazz Man

"Busboy by Night, Superhero by Day"

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System Requirements:
Win 95+/256MB RAM/DirectX 5+
Herculean Effort Productions

From the Schlaepfer brothers comes another entry into the burgeoning phenomenon of new school "old school" adventures, this one featuring a jazz-playing superhero living in a world dominated by gangsta rap gangsters. Like The Shivah, its graphics are a nostalgic homage to 1980s LucasArts adventures (Super Jazz Man doesn't have voice acting, however), and its gameplay based on point-and-click inventory puzzles.

As you might expect in a game of this type, the dialog is rather witty, and the story cheerful and amusing--ultimately, the plot centers on saving the protagonist's kitten. It's a pretty quick game--about 5 hours of gameplay here, give or take--but at $8.95, that's pretty reasonable value for money. Adventure gaming fans should definitely give it a test drive.