Turn-Based Strategy in the X-Com Mode

System Requirements:
Win 98+/500MHz+ CPU/DirectX 8+/3D Card
Cornutopia Software

Fans of XCOM will find the gameplay of Taskforce familiar: you control a squad of heavily armed soldiers, and each turn you plan their moves. Each has a limited number of action points to spend, and movement, firing, and other actions require you to spend points. Opponents can 'opportunity fire' at you if you enter their field of fire (and they have action points remaining from last turn), so even though this is an "I move/you move" game, there's a sense of interactivity between the players as you move. Once you're finished with your turn, the other side performs its own actions under the control of the AI.

As with the original XCom games (and Laser Squad Nemesis), the result is gameplay utterly different from today's conventional shooters; winning requires painstaking planning and careful scouting, rather than the ability to manipulate controls quickly.

With 30 missions, many of them homages to B-movies (can you say "zombies"?), there's a wealth of gameplay here for those who like strategy games that actually make them think.

"Taskforce was Cornutopia's big game release of 2004 and provides many missions and a lot of gameplay for the price. Many missions hommage movies including Romero's Dawn of the Dead, The Day of the Jackal and The Andromeda Strain. Taskforce represents the latest evolution in a series of similar turn based strategy games created since 1994, and I am immensely proud of the resulting game." - Mark Sheeky