Uncertainty in Games

In crunch mode at work, which is why there haven't been updates here for some time.

However, as of tomorrow, The MIT Press releases my book, Uncertainty in Games.

There are a lot of books that attempt to provide a broad overview of the craft of game design; I wanted instead to take a single important element and go deep on it.

The central argument is that uncertainty, whether of outcome or path, is a central part of the appeal of games. I analyze a slew of very different games to unpick their sources of uncertainty, and provide some ideas for how to use an understanding of uncertainty to guide the design of innovative games.

You can find Uncertainty in Games on Amazon here. Or, of course, order from your favorite independent book store.

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you know

I'm really not sure about this.


Sounds like a great subject to delve into. Also, the book looks gorgeously stylish.

Lizard, Spock

What, you couldn't get the image rights for Spock? ;)

I should grab this

If I grabbed Reiner Knizia's dice book I might as well go for this, eh?