Urban Legend

Happily Old-Skool Turn-Based Shooter

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System Requirements:
DirectX 9
Electronic Entertainment Studio

Starting Urban Legend is a bit like firing up an old friend, at least for those of us who doted on turn-based strategy games like Jagged Alliance. I'm back in the old paradigm, taking advantage of cover, waiting testily while the enemy moves, and wincing when one of my expensive mercs dies. Can't think of a better way to kill an evening, really; UL certainly hits the right notes, and it's nice, too, that the story is somewhat humorous in nature (if appropriately bloodthirsty).

The controls are smooth and easily learned, the obvious pitfalls of games like this (dull mission design and poor pathfinding algorithms) are avoided, and if the AI isn't that smart, that fits into the game's fantasy well enough--your men are supposed to be something of an elite, after all.

Innovative? No--but a nicely polished effort in a favorite genre that major publishers don't publish any more. Nice.


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Polished? Hardly.

Polished? Hardly. This game is very unstable if you have many other things running. Don't even think of putting its window into the background, or making it coexist with Google Desktop, or moving its window around too much. And although it is windowed (one of my must-have features in a turn-based game), it cannot be minimized, either.

The complete lack of documentation doesn't really help, either -- if there's no way to open doors, it really should say somewhere that there's no way to open doors.


Seconded. I bought it on the strength of Play This Thing's review and the demo, but I've hardly got my money's worth - the fifth or sixth paid-for level has a game-freezing bug that I simply can't get past. Tried it four times, tried shutting everything else down and running the game fullscreen, but no luck. I've fired off an email to the firm to see if they have any clue what's going on... let's see if they're any help...

Yeah, but no...

It wasn't that good. First, I really dislike the graphic style, and the music's quite bad to me too.
The gameplay is simple. Too simple. I would have liked some more options with shooting, for instance.
The general feeling is quite dull, and I didn't even went through the entire demo.
For that type of games, I much prefer stuff like the UFO series.